Only as a field producer for ESPN working on a docu-series about Chicago Superfans can I truly say that I became fearless on-set. Where as I had had experience directing on narrative films, nothing had tested me like being thrown into any unpredictable situation that a reality/docu-series show would throw. I was able to consistently draw-up interesting interviews from subjects with questions both previously scripted and off-the-cuff, as well as put together a story where there otherwise might not have been one.

My work as an associate producer and editor at closerlook, inc. a pharmaceutical marketing agency in Chicago that represents some of the biggest Pharma clients in the world, has given me invaluable insight into the inner workings and functionality of the agency lifestyle. I have become well adept at the clockwork of turnaround from large-scale pre-production efforts (casting, scouting, logistics, etc.) with budgets that exceed $100k to managing a crew on-set during Production as the AP, as well as editing in-house for vital post-production efforts. In my time here, I was able to become a leader in my own right; continuing relationships with clients, while ensuring that all deadlines were met and expectations exceeded.

There is no job too small as an assistant producer and editor for BottleRocket Media, a commercial production company in Chicago, IL. The team there allowed me to flex my muscles in the producing world as well as contribute as a true team player on-set. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to be trained and mentored by Emmy-award winning talent fresh out of the Oprah Winfrey Show network while simultaneously working on productions for some of the largest companies in the world.

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